White Water Rafting- Kitulgala

Water Rafting is generally defined as travelling down a river on a raft. There are several types of water rafting but white water rafting is the most popular type in Sri Lanka. Generally White Water Rafting means a journey or travel on white water as well as turbulent water. Any person who is above 10 years can participate a water rafting tour.
Physical fitness and the strong spirit of the players are very important in water rafting and ability to swim is an extra advantage.
Safety gears, modern rafts, compulsory personal flotation and a comprehensive safety briefing are provided by the operators. The people who are suffering from heart diseases, epilepsy who feels uncomfortable in turbulent water are prohibited in water rafting.
Kitulgala is the most famous for white water rafting in Sri Lanka. The Kelani River flowing through Kitulgala is an ideal place for white water rafting journeys. Kitulgala village is located 80km from Colombo on the A7 main road that towards Nuwara Eliya via Avissawella. The boulder scattered stretch on the Kelani River in Kitulgala area makes it most suitable for white water rafting. There are five main rapids and five minor rapids in Kitulgala rafting tour and the distance covered is 5km.
There are several grades for white water rafting tours in Kitulgala and there also a program called Adrenaline filled adventure sport for the beginners.
The water rafting tours in Kitulgala become more famous and memorable because of the scenic beauty of the surrounding of the village. The river is sheltered with huge bamboo trees.
A famous movie location by David Lean’s in 1957(Bridge on the River Kwai) also situated in this area although nothing remains now excepting the concrete foundations of the bridge.
Kitulgala promotes 90 minutes tour of 6.5km with 5 rapids called;
1.Head Chopper
2.Virgin’s Breast
3.Butter Crunch
4.Killer Fall
5.Rib Cage
The best period of white water rafting- Kitulgala is May to December with the minimum rain. The river becomes more volatile in rainy seasons and the level of water is increased surprisingly. The rafting may be little bit unsafe in those seasons, but still Kitulgala provides the service under restricted rules.
Kitulgala is more popular among visitors rather than other rafting locations. Because even a kid who below 10 years could enjoy the tours in Kitulgala at a lower grade.
Kitulgala launches Black Water Rafting, specially under full moon. It belongs 3 nights with an extra mile. They provide special headlights and safety gears for players. And also they provide Flat Water Rafting to those who looking for leisure and relaxing and the kids who can’t involve in white water rafting. Visitors could float around 40km on Kelani River with picnic meals.
Service providers assure the all adventure activities are keeping with international standards by experienced and well trained teams. They have online booking and online payment facilities.

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