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About Share Traveller

Welcome to ShareTraveller, a community-driven platform that connects travelers from around the world

Welcome to Share Traveller

Share Traveller is a community-driven platform that connects travelers from around the world. Our platform has created with the goal of making travel more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for everyone with 100% transparency.

Share Traveller is providing its visitors with a complimentary “Travel Professional Listing.” Along with this offering, Share Traveller also presents all the essential information that may aid its readers in exploring Sri Lanka and its culture, wildlife, attractions, ancient histories, adventures, safaris, travel activities, and the most desirable travel destinations to visit during your stay in Sri Lanka.

Our Contribution

  1. To Travel Professionals: Share Traveller provides a platform for all travel professionals to showcase their services.
  2. To Visitors:  Share Traveller offers a free Professional Listing service to help you discover Sri Lanka and its many attractions. Explore this beautiful country with our assistance, and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.
  3. To Community: Assist our local travel professionals in promoting their services to a broader audience worldwide. This will enable them to engage with potential travelers directly, allowing for the negotiation of travel itineraries and prices.

Our Specialty

We are the only platform that offers Travel Professional listing for free.

If you plan to visit Sri Lanka for your vacation, you can check your professionals that may need and negotiate the itineraries and the prices directly with the professional. We believe Sharing is Caring.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer !!!

Our Objective

The objective is to provide a comprehensive travel guide for Sri Lanka, which offers valuable information and resources for travelers to plan and enjoy their trips to the country.

The website aims to showcase the beauty, culture, and adventure that Sri Lanka has to offer while also providing helpful tips and recommendations for visitors.

Additionally, Share Traveller offers a platform for travel professionals to list their services, further enhancing the website’s value for travelers looking for personalized assistance in planning their trips.

How Share Traveller is Made

Since our valuable visitors are curious about how Share Traveller is made, we would love to share what we’ve used to develop this wonderful website.

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  2. Hosting: Namecheap
  3. Domain Registration: Namecheap
  4. Listing: Directorist Plugin
  5. Development: sixcreationsdigitals.com
  6. Content: Share Traveller
Hikkaduwa National Park from Sky

How We Survive

Share Traveller believes in full transparency with our valued community members. It’s important for us to disclose that we may earn a commission through affiliate links on our website. However, we assure you that these partnerships in no way influence our editorial content or reviews. We greatly appreciate your support as it helps to cover the costs of running the site and creating valuable content for our readers. By clicking on our affiliate links and making a purchase, you are supporting us in continuing to provide quality travel information and resources. We hope you will consider supporting us in this way to help us maintain the site and continue to grow.

Join Hands with Share Traveller

Want to become Share Traveller "Travel Professionals" ? Register with us for free for the first year. It's a whole new experience for the "Travel Professionals" as well as  "Travellers" where they can engage and negotiate the travel itineraries and prices even before landing in Sri Lanka. The benefits go to travelers and travel professionals.

Our Partners

Our travel experts have diligently chosen the most appropriate and highly regarded Travel Partners from around the globe to better serve your travel requirements with greater efficiency.


We're pleased to announce our partnership with TripAdvisor, a globally recognized travel platform that offers valuable information, recommendations, and reviews on hotels, restaurants, and attractions worldwide. Our partnership provides our customers with a trusted platform to make informed decisions and plan their travels with ease, aligned with our goal of delivering exceptional travel experiences


We're excited to partner with TripAdvisor, offering our customers a wide selection of accommodations, flights, vacation rentals, and other travel experiences worldwide. With their trusted platform and commitment to providing reliable information, our customers can make informed decisions and plan their travels with ease. It's a whole new experience for all travelers who seek new experiences.


Introducing Qatar Airways as our official airline partner, offering flights to over 160 destinations worldwide. Our partnership provides a reliable and trusted airline for our customers to book their travel arrangements with ease, supporting our goal of seamless and enjoyable travel experiences. Sharetraveller believes customers would love to get their services from one stop and hope you are there.


We're excited to announce that Amazon has partnered with Share Traveller as our official travel accessory partner. Amazon offers a wide range of travel accessories, including luggage, travel gear, and more, making it a convenient one-stop shop for our customers. With Amazon's trusted platform and user-friendly interface, our customers can easily find and purchase the accessories they need for their travels.

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