Location: Northern Province | Sri Lanka
Nearest City: Polonnaruwa
Nearest Airport: Bandaranayake Airport
Coordinates: 7°54′04.24″N 80°56′13.71″E Coordinates: 7°54′04.24″N 80°56′13.71″E
Area: 75 km2
Established: 6-Jun-06
Governing Body: Department of Wildlife Conservation
Country: Sri Lanka | South Asia
Status: Open
Most Popular:  Elephants


Where is It?

Angammedilla National Park, known as one of Sri Lanka’s new national parks, was proclaimed a national park in 2006. Angammedilla was once a forest reserve inside the Minneriya-Girithale Sanctuary, which was established in 1988. The park was established primarily to safeguard the Parakrama Samudra drainage basin. It also protects the drainage basins of the Minneriya and Girithale irrigation ponds, the water sources of Sudu Kanda (Sinhala meaning “White hill”), and the nearby forests’ ecosystems and fauna. It is located in the Polonnaruwa District, 225 kilometers (140 miles) from Colombo.

The garden is extremely dry during the dry season. The mountains receive more rain than the plains during the rainy season. Because to the park’s humid and dry climate, the vegetation is a mix of wet and dry zone plants. The canal’s stone wall is also known as the Royal Wall by the villagers.

Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan sambar deer, Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan axis deer, water buffalo, wild hog, and peafowl are among the creatures found in the park. However, the Sri Lanka leopard, sloth bear, grizzled giant squirrel, and Sri Lanka junglefowl are occasionally seen. Furthermore, primate species such as the red slender loris, the tufted gray langur, and the purple-faced langur can be found.

Best Time To Visit

May to September

Wildlife You Might See


Birds in Angamedilla National Park

Fauna & Flora

 Angamedilla National Park is a seasonal collection with a diverse range of flora and fauna. Many endemic birds, butterflies, and insects can also be found in the area. The park is home to Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan sambar deer, Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan axis deer, water buffalo, wild boar, and peafowl. However, the Sri Lanka leopard, sloth, bear, grizzled giant squirrel, and Sri Lanka junglefowl can be seen on occasion. Rare species found here include the slender red loris, tufted grey langur, and purple-faced langur. 

Angamedilla national park, which is home to numerous Sri Lankan elephants, is part of the country’s well-known elephant corridor, which also includes Minneriya Kaudulla and Wsgamuwa national parks. Angamedilla’s wildlife includes wild boar, deer, purple-faced green monkeys, and buffalo. The peaceful setting adds to the enjoyment of the camping area. The department of wildlife conservation manages a large house that may accommodate up to ten people. A noteworthy attraction of the park is the Angamedilla stone anicut garden, a stone plateau erected during the reign of king Parakramabahu i in the 12th century. 

The park is densely forested with dry evergreen forests. The sanctuary is also notable for its palu, burutha, milla, and kolon plant species. These are indigenous Sri Lankan flora. Mesua ferrea trees are grown in groups.

Angamedilla National Park - Sri Lanka
Elephants in Angamedilla National Park

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