Where is Keerimalai Holy Water Well?

Country: Sri Lanka
Province: Northern
District: Jaffna
DS Division: Valikamam North
Coordinates: 9°49′0″N 80°0′0″E

It is approximately 18.9 kilometers away from the town of Jaffna. Along the Kankesanthurai road (AB016) to Maviddapuram, then back along the Keerimalai road (B277), some devotees believe that this water can cure various types of skin diseases as well as aid in the treatment of impotence. Due to the fact that this is a sacred site, visitors are expected to behave appropriately and refrain from abusing the facilities. The use of soap is prohibited because it will pollute the water supply.

Why Keerimalai is Important?

Hindus have practiced funeral and post-funeral rites and rituals since the beginning of time as an integral part of their social and religious responsibilities. These rituals are carried out in order to pay tribute to their deceased ancestors and to venerate their memory. According to centuries-old customs, this ceremony is held at a holy-water location. This type of ceremony can be performed at any of the many sacred water sites that are available in Jaffna. Kerimalai, Tiruvatinilai, Thondamanaru, and Viluntri are some of the most important sites in the region.
Viluntri is renowned for its antiquity as well as its distinctive historical features. Located along the coast in the Vannarpannai area, it is a popular tourist destination. It is located approximately one mile west of the town of Jaffna. Hindus believe that this site was established by Lord Rama during his visit to Sri Lanka in the eighth century. Villunti is referred to as Purvatanuskodi in ancient hymns found in the Villuntri Vinayakar temple. This lends credence to the legend that Lord Rama came to the shores of Villuntri Holy Water and worshipped God Shiva before proceeding to Rameswaram via Tanuskoti to further worship God Shiva.

Specifically, it was Thondaman who built the canal that connected the Vadamaradchchi lagoon to the open sea. A well can be found close to Thondamanaru Veeragathy Vinayagar Vidyalayam, which is a Hindu temple. Fresh and safe to drink, the water is available at all times. The people who live in this area believe that this well was formed as a result of thunder storms.

Is Sri Lanka expensive?

Sri Lanka can still be reasonably affordable if you stick to local transportation and budget guesthouses. You can still travel by bus from one end of the island to the other for around $25, get a filling meal at local cafés for a few dollars, and find a decent double room for less than $100, all while staying in low-cost guesthouses.

How it is Formed?

Keerimalai holy water is derived from a naturally occurring spring. It’s a nice warm water pool, which is nice. Naguleswaram Kovil is located near a natural spring that is located next to the sea. Despite the fact that the tank is so close to the sea, the water in it is fresh because it comes from an underground fresh water source. Keerimalai spring is a mineral-rich spring that is well-known for its curative properties. The word keerimemeans mangoose. There are references to it in Indian religious texts such as the Dakshina Kailasa Puranam and the Skanda Puranam, which indicate that it was a pilgrimage site for South Indians. Additionally, there is a cave complex nearby that is thought to have been used for meditation by a mythical sage known as Nagula Muni. Pools with purported curative properties can be found in two locations: This is bordered on one side by a wall, with the ocean on the other side of the wall. However, this particular pond contains only fresh, pure water. Keerimalai spring is considered to be beneficial to one’s health because it is believed that the water from this pond contains medicinal properties.

Locals believe that Thondaman’s well was formed as a result of thunder storms. Keerimalai spring is a mineral-rich spring that is well-known for its curative properties. The water in it is fresh because it comes from an underground fresh water source.

Image Credits :srilankandiaries.info

Where to Stay

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