Location: Western  Province | Sri Lanka
Nearest City: Gampaha
Nearest Airport: Bandaranayake Airport
Coordinates: 7°08′22″N 80°05′08″E
Area: 33 hectares (0.13 sq mi)
Established:  July 28, 2004
Governing Body: Department of Wildlife Conservation
Country: Sri Lanka | South Asia
Status: Open
Most Popular: Birds & Butterflies


Where is It?

Horagolla National Park, one of Sri Lanka’s newest national parks, gets its name from an abundance of Dipterocarpus zeylanicus (hora) trees. Because of its remarkable biodiversity, the region was designated as a wildlife refuge in 1973. Horagolla was designated as a national park in 2004. Horagolla is Sri Lanka’s sole urban park in the Western Province. The park is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Colombo.

Best Time To Visit

Any time of the year

Wildlife You Might See

Wild Species knowledge is quite sparse, and therefore represents a significant opportunity for any future researcher to investigate the area and conduct ecological research in order to determine the presence of wild species in the area. If anyone is interested, please share your findings with us so that we may incorporate them into this page in order to educate our future generation.


Physical Features

Horagolla park belongs to the wet zone and gets an annual rainfall of 2000-2500 mm. Average temperature float around 28.5 c.


This park contains a diverse range of low country wet zone animals and flora. This park is home to a large number of hora (dipterocarpus zeylanicus). This park is home to 10 different types of mammals, 68 different types of birds, seven different types of fish, and 28 different varieties of butterflies, according to records. This park is surrounded by the Horagolla lake.

The park’s mammals include the fishing cat, the Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, the golden jackal, and the grizzled giant squirrel.  Horagolla is a popular spot for birdwatching. The park has been home to 68 different bird species. Parakeets, black-crested bulbuls, barbets, and Asian Koel are the most frequent. Other birds seen in the park include the Sri Lanka grey hornbill, the Sri Lanka hanging parrot, the layard’s parakeet, and the oriental dwarf kingfisher. The butterflies found in the park include the uncommon clipper, Ceylon birdwing, and blue mormon. Horagolla is home to a number of endangered species, including tortoises. The park is home to a variety of reptiles, including pythons and cobras.


Horagolla is a type of lowland evergreen woodland.  The park has humus soil structure and a high temperature that lasts all year. Many tree species are abundant, including Dipterocarpus zeylanicus (hora), Canarium zeylanicum (kekuna), Dillenia retusa (godapara), Caryota urens (kitul), Pericopsis mooniana (nedun), Mangifera zeylanica (atamba), sacred fig, Alstonia scholaris (ruk attana), Acronychia pedun (Velang). There are also some Entada rheedii (pus-wel) lianas can be spotted. The park’s forests are dominated by Gmelina arborea (ethdemata), Filicium decipiens (pihimbiya), mahogany, teak, and golden shower tree (ehela).

The paths within the park are well-paved, and you may walk about without problem. However, keep an eye out for snakes and other reptiles, as this is their territory. Some injured animals are being treated in one portion of this park.

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