Kalpitiya can also be reached in approximately 2 hours from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake, which is located in Katunayake. The Kalpitiya beach is a popular tourist spot in Sri Lanka, drawing in a large number of visitors. It is located approximately 130 kilometers north of Colombo. That location can be found on top of the Puttlam Lagoon, between Dutch Bay and Portugal Bay, and can be seen from a distance.
In the Kalpitiya, there are 14 islands that have been assigned. Those are very stunning. There are a few islands that are now being used by people as a location to live. These 14 islands include the Battalangunduwa, Palliyawatta, Vellai I, Vellai II, Vellai III, Uchchamunai, Ippantivu, Periya Arichchalai, SinnaArichchalai, Eramutivu, SinnaEramutivu, Eramutivu West, Kakativu, and Mutwal. The Battalangunduwa is a small island off the coast of Sri (Dutch Bay). When all of these people come together, they form the 1673 hectares of land that belongs to Kalpitiya.
Kalpitiya is more abundant in sandy beaches, which makes it more appealing to both locals and visitors from other countries. Kalpitiya is better famous for whale watching, and the season to see Sperm Whales in Kalpitiya, dolphins in Kalpitiya, the Bar Reef in Kalpitiya, the coastline in Kalpitiya, and Alankuda beach in Kalpitiya are all popular tourist attractions. The best time to see the Sperm Whale at Kalpitiya Point is from December to mid-April.
The magnificent Blue whales can also be seen in this area near Kalpitiya. As a result, people can come in on an as-needed basis.

Kalpitiya is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. It is located on top of the Puttlam Lagoon, between Dutch Bay and Portugal Bay. The best time to see Sperm Whales is from December to mid-April, while Blue whales can also be seen.

Visitors can engage in activities such as bird watching throughout the entire area, mangrove cruises, deep sea angling, and fishing. Villagers can participate in fishing activities as well. Wind surfing, kite boarding, canoeing, and kayaking are some of the more popular water sports in this area. These activities contribute to the development of the tourism potential in the Kalpitiya region.
It is well-known in Kalpitiya for the boat tours that depart from the beach at Alankuda on a regular basis.
Visitors can go out to sea to watch dolphins and sperm whales, which are common in the area. The beautiful dolphin pods at Alankuda are the most impressive sight to behold. When travelers are traveling through Kalpitiya on a half-day excursion, they can simply stop at St. Anne’s Church, Thalawila, which is located in the city. One-day excursions from Kalpitiya allow visitors to see the Wilpattu Sanctuary and the Historical Dutch Fort. In addition, people can travel to Anuradhapura, which is a historic city in Sri Lanka, which is a short distance away.
The Bar Reef of Kalpitiya is the largest coral reef in Sri Lanka, covering 307 square kilometers.
A boat voyage from Kalpitiya beach takes about an hour, and the island is accessible by land as well. As a result, the Kalpitiya sea is a popular diving and snorkeling destination for experienced divers and snorkelers. Who are the people who are best suited for the activities that they can take part in at Kalpitiyasea. The Kalpitiya reef is a magnificent reef that is extremely diverse in terms of its biological richness. Aside from providing opportunities to see manta rays, reef sharks, and the rare sea turtle, it is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish and other marine life.

One-day excursions from Kalpitiya sea allow visitors to see the Wilpattu Sanctuary and the Historical Dutch Fort as well as explore the Bar Reef, which is the largest coral reef in the country. Windsurfing, kite boarding, canoeing, and kayaking are some of the more popular water sports that visitors can take part in while on a half-day visitor’s excursion.

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