The Dambethenna estate in Haputale serves as Lipton’s residence. This location is known as Lipton’s Seat because Thomas Lipton sat down there and proudly looked over the benefits of his labors when he established it. There are panoramic views from the top, and it is a wonderful trek. There are two options for getting to Lipton’s seat. The first is the Nayabedda estate in Bandarawela, Sri Lanka. Second, through the Dambatenna estate in Haputale, there is a path.

After arriving at the Lipton Seat’s observation deck, visitors will be able to take in the beautiful surroundings. The greatest time to visit Lipton Seat is early in the morning before the sun comes up. When visiting Lipton Seat, tourists will have the opportunity to watch tea pluckers carrying baskets on their way to work, which is a rare and valuable sight.
If you are planning a trip to Lipton Seat, it is a cost-effective option. As well as gaining valuable experience, you may also unwind with a picnic or capture some photographic memories. Because the weather in the hill country is unpredictable, it is recommended that you pack some warm clothing. When you visit Lipton Seat, you will have the opportunity to see additional attractions on the road. It features Catherine’s seat, which is located within the Nayabedda estate and has the best views of the Bandarawela, Diyatalawa, and Namunukula mountain ranges. The observation point is located at the very top of the Lipton seat. It is possible to see the following locations from there:

  • Handapanagala lake
  • Chandrika lake
  • Udawalawe lake
  • Wedihitikanda mountains
  • Hambantota harbour from the southern coast

Lipton’s Seat is located in Bandarawela, Sri Lanka. Thomas Lipton sat down there and looked over the benefits of his labors when he established it. There are panoramic views from the top, and it is a wonderful trek to get there.

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