When it comes to Sri Lankan history, there are numerous kingdoms to consider. Despite the fact that Panduwasnuwara is one of the most famous kingdoms in the world. As a result, Panduwasnuwara can be described as an ancient city that is located in the Kurunegala district. Kurunegala is a city in Sri Lanka that served as the temporary capital of the country during the reign of King Parakramabahu I in the 12th century. That is when King Parakramabahu transported the sacred tooth relic from India to Sri Lanka and enshrined it in the city of Panduwasnuwara. The ruins of this old city are still worth visiting and experiencing, despite the fact that it was not a big empire like Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa.
Old structures are scattered across a 20-hectare area in this ancient city, which is home to the ruins of many of its buildings. There are still certain areas of the site that have not been excavated. In order to safeguard the castle, there is a conduit (6 meters wide) that is generally filled with water and flows around the perimeter. In addition, there is a massive wall surrounding the fort. The compound of the site has the ruins of a stupa and image houses, meeting halls, monks’ quarters, and old latrines, all of which date back thousands of years. The reconstructed temple of the teeth, which features a Bo Tree and is surrounded by strong walls, is the most important structure on the property. Although the artistically built roof was added to the resort in the 1970s, the original foundation can still be seen beneath the complex design.

Panduwasnuwara is an ancient city that is located in the Kurunegala district. It served as the temporary capital of Sri Lanka during the reign of King Parakramabahu I. The ruins of this old city are worth visiting and experiencing, despite the fact that it was not a big empire.

Many legends have been woven around this palace and the people who are claimed to have lived there, and many of them have been retold. Some think that there is a princess named “UnmadaChithra” who is the king’s daughter and who is kept in a high tower away from the prying eyes of the public. Despite the fact that she was imprisoned in the lofty tower known as “Ek Tam Ge,” the prophecy came true. That’s why some people believe that if the princess marries and gives birth to a son, the boy will kill his seven uncles (the princess’ brothers) and succeed to the throne of the kingdom. UnmadaChithra’s son was sired by Prince DigaGamini and smuggled away from the tower when he was born. He also survived and went on to become King Pandukabaya of Sri Lanka, fulfilling the prophecy that he would.
Despite the fact that these are just a few of the numerous stories that have developed around the palace, no one is certain who developed it or who lived there.
An alternative theory holds that Panduwasnuwara was given its name because of an ancient tank known as Panda Wewa, which is located in the vicinity of the temple complex.
In addition, the city of Panduwasnuwara has a modest museum dedicated to the history of the region. In addition, it is definitely worth a visit to see the collection of ‘finds’ from the excavations, which includes miniature statues, coins, ceramics, and jewellery, to name a few examples of what has been discovered.

Legend has it that there is a princess who is imprisoned in a high tower, and if she gives birth to a boy, he will kill his seven uncles and succeed to the throne.

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