About Ravana Falls

Location Ella, Sri Lanka
Coordinates 6°50′27″N 81°3′16″
Type Cascade
Elevation 1,050 m (3,445 ft)
Total height 25 m (82 ft)[1]
Watercourse A tributary of Kirindi Oya

In the Ella area, there are two waterfalls. The waterfall on the Bandarawela – Wellawaya Road is the most popular. Tourists and locals call it Ravana Ella. Above this falls, there is another waterfall named Ravana Falls that is not visible from the main road. Due to the close proximity to the cave, which is thought to be where Sita (from the Ramayana) was hidden for a while by Lankan King Ravana, this is widely regarded as the true Ravana Falls.
Bambaragama Ella is the correct name for the waterfall beside the road.
Lower Ravana Ella, also known as Bamabaragama Falls, is one of the country’s most popular waterfalls. One of the most popular waterfalls in the country, it is located right in the heart of one of the most gorgeous and popular routes in the country. Ravana Fall II (Bamabaragama Falls), which comes from the Bandarawela Hill Oya Reservoir, is 9 meters high. During the dry season, it nearly completely disappears, but when it rains, it swells to its full capacity. As a result, the best time to visit these falls is during or just after the rainy season.

Rawana Ella, Ravana Ella are some of her other names.

Image Credits: www.trawell.in


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